Client Testimonials:

Dennis A. Wilson, retired disabled Veteran, Manteca, CA:

Tina Chapman, Sacramento, CA:

"Bill, thank you so much for your services. You made the Probate process bearable. You were efficient, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend anyone to you! Your staff was always warm and friendly. Happy New Year! Thanks again, Tina Chapman."

Kellie Beck, Corral De Tie, CA:

"Bill Hayman goes above and beyond for his clients. Last year I inherited a house through probate in Sacramento that had multiple issues and code violations and was declared uninhabitable by the county. Bill was able to address all of the issues that the house came with and as an Administration Specialist he was a huge asset in dealing with the probate issues when selling the home. Due to Bill's knowledge and experience the home was sold much quicker and for more money than I would have thought possible."

Ramona P. DeSalvo, Attorney at Law, Nashville, TN:

"Bill Hayman is a true professional. In handling a difficult real estate sale long distance, I was met with a courteous, responsive, knowledgeable agent, who went above and beyond his obligations to quickly market and sell a home in Folsom in an estate. Bill had meticulous attention to detail, provided a marketing plan, and helped in every way possible, even after the closing. I would highly recommend Bill Hayman as a real estate professional, particularly with his expertise in probate sales."

Robin Colletti, Dunwoody, GA:

"Our Mom passed away last summer so my brother and myself (both living in Georgia) had the task of cleaning out the house and selling our parents Sacramento home. We also had to go thru Probate. We interviewed several realtors when we were in town on each visit. We knew we finally found the right agent when we interviewed Bill Hayman. We were told by other realtors that we needed to put thousands into the home before we could even think about selling it. Bill on the other hand said we should not spend much money fixing the house up because we would not make the money back in the sale. He felt very strongly that he could sell the house ‘as is’. Bill recommended carpet cleaning and house cleaning services that he used in the past. We had the carpets cleaned and a thorough cleaning of the entire home. Bill was true to his word. Once the house was ready, Bill had a professional photographer take pictures of the home. The pictures were fantastic. Our parent’s home was only on the market for 4 days and we received multiple offers. Bill is nice as they come, but don’t let that fool you. He is a tough negotiator. Not only did we get the house on the market sooner than later, but we had a bidding war. Bill was very shrewd in the negotiations. We closed for $12K more than the house was listed for. With all of this said, if you are looking for a kind, honest, motivated, professional, strong communicator, and excellent negotiator, Bill is your man."

Roger L. Thiemann, St. Johns, FL:

"My father passed away several months ago, and I was named as the Executor of his estate. I was a complete novice to the California Probate process, even more so with me being a non-resident of California. To complete the Probate process and settle my father’s estate, I attempted to navigate the California Probate courts without professional assistance. What I found was a complex process that was difficult to understand and challenging. I filed what I thought were the right Probate court documents, and in the process paid the expensive court fees. Shortly after I filed the documents with the Probate court, I received a call from Bill Hayman at The Probate Source. Not knowing Bill, his call came out of nowhere, but it made sense that he found my phone number on the court documents I had submitted. Thinking I had “everything under control”, I politely declined his services, but kept his business card handy. A court date was set and I thought I was “good to go”. Several weeks later I received an envelope from Bill with multiple pages which contained his notes regarding the court documents I had submitted. I was surprised that Bill had completed a line-by-line review of all the documents. But I was more surprised that his meticulous review of my documents had uncovered numerous errors, and omissions. These mistakes of mine surely would have caused problems with the Probate court, setting back my efforts to settle my father’s estate in a timely manner. I was thoroughly impressed with Bill’s meticulous scrutiny of the documents I had provided to the Probate court. If he had not reviewed my incomplete documents, I surely would have needed to spend much more time rectifying my errors. And more importantly, Bill realized that since my father’s estate was a “small one”, it would be more wise for me to take a different approach, leave the Probate court behind and instead submit simple affidavits to the financial institutions holding my father’s assets. Bill facilitated this process in a speedy, professional manner. He is very knowledgeable of the processes and correct documents that need to be utilized to navigate the steps to fulfill my role as Executor. I found Bill to be absolutely honest with me during all my conversations with him, and he was quick to respond to my email inquiries. Without his professional and timely assistance I’d still be unnecessarily toiling over the Probate process. I highly recommend him and his services to anyone who desires a competent, hard-working and honest resource to assist them with their probate efforts."

Brian Longpre, Stockton, CA:

"Dear Bill,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the exceptional service and guidance I received upon hiring you after my father’s death. My father had a Will, but I soon found out that I was going to have to go to probate court in order to sell the property. I went to the court to try and file the paperwork myself. It was way too difficult for me. I started searching for a legal assistant near me and found one. This assistant was just ok. Had I known about you I would have hired you first.

Next, I needed to find a real estate agent. After talking to at least a dozen agents, I found you to be the most helpful in answering all my questions. Once you were on board, you also helped answer a lot of questions I had about probate, since my legal assistant was not very helpful. You were extremely helpful with your suggestions about fixes on the house and pricing. The house sold very fast and at a great price.

Upon hiring you to sell the property, you had mentioned that you would include a Trust for my wife and I, as a special deal for selling the property. I was sure glad to hear that with all the trouble I had to go through with my father only having a Will. The document you provided was very professional and we were extremely happy with it. Not only did you assist us at the Notary but walked us through every step of signing the document.

Finally, when all was thought to be done, my legal assistant dropped the ball and did not finalize the court documents. When I talked to you about the court documents you offered to finish it up for me at no cost. I wish I would have found you sooner so you could have done all aspects of my probate. You provided me with the best service I could possibly imagine. Once again, Thank you so much!


Brian Longpre"

Valisha Fullard, Sacramento, CA:

"It was a joy working with Mr. Hayman as he was very helpful, knowledgeable and caring during the probate process. He took all of the guess work out the process without us having to pay high attorney fees. Although this was a very difficult time for my family, Mr. Hayman was sensitive to our needs and handled the entire process with the highest level of care. I would recommend Mr. Hayman's services and rate him all 5 stars."

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